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Anonymous: men, how can you like sophiam???? eurg

I don’t know man, why do people like pancakes? It’s just one of those things x

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Anonymous: could you make a "sophia at funky buddah" masterpost?

Yeah sure! :) I will probably have time to make it this afternoon xx

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1/- favourite pictures of Sophiam

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hiiii sorry i’ve not been on posting any edits! i’ve just been flat out with uni assignments. xx

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Anonymous: I think sophiam is adorable & I was a fan of sophia right then but then someone said we Should think about how sophia feels having fans. They told me she might find it creepy :/ is it true? :(

She might be uncomfortable with it but in all honesty, I think she would appreciate the support. Amongst all the hateful things said about her the people who take a positive interest in her would be a nice change. So I think she may be creeped out by ‘fans’ but not by the support if that makes sense? xx 

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Anonymous: I do ship Sophiam and I have no problem with Sophia even though I don't love her cause I don't know her. I'm not trying to be rude and I'm sorry if I come off as rude, cause that's really not my intention! :) But why did you create a Sophia Smith fanpage? What did she do?

Hey! No worries, you’re not being rude; just curious. I’ve actually started and run a successful update blog for 1d in the past but it became massive and the stress from it got to much so I stopped doing that and for a while I missed updating but didn’t want to go back to that blog. I thought about doing a blog like this with edits and some updates for Eleanor but there are so many of those already and I love Amy Green but she is just friends with Niall so I felt a bit more odd doing that.. and then Sophia came along.. You know how you just get vibes off people? I got the same vibe from Sophia that I got from Eleanor when I first found out about her and I love El so I figured I’d like Sophia the more we found out about her. SO she didn’t really do anything, I just think she seems lovely and running this blog is purely for enjoyment and it isn’t harming anyone so I continue to post on it. :) xx

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Anonymous: Sophia is sister to Daisie Smith gf of Andy??

It is speculated that she is but there is no solid proof. Smith is one of the most common last names in the western world, high up, if not the top surname on the most common last name lists in countries like the UK, Australia and the US. It is in my opinion that they do look as though they could be related but I would think more along the lines of being cousins.. although I do think that there is a high chance it is just a coincidence :) xx

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Liam and Sophia at Heathrow 11/09

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Liam and Sophia in August 2013

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Perrie with Sophia

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Anonymous: Hiii i love your blog keep going :D !!!!!! i just wanted to ask how old Sophia is bcs some magazines wrote she's 24 and the others say she's 19 ??? So what's right ????? xxx Love youuuuuuu :)

She is 19 :) She will turn 20 on February 9, 2014. And thank you!! xx

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